The Dark Patterns Tip Line is led by a team of designers, academic researchers, legal experts, policy specialists, and advocacy-minded individuals.

We came together to collect dark patterns to better understand how technology is exploiting people. Our ultimate vision is to leverage this data to combat manipulative practices online through policy reform.

We have grounded this work by highlighting examples from people’s lived experiences so we can best showcase how dark patterns lead to every day human harms.

Our Values

  • We ground our work in human-centered perspectives.

    Perspectives of everyday people is missing from dense, legal, and wonky conversations about dark patterns. This project is powered by research with individuals who suffered dark pattern-instigated harms.

  • We collaborate across teams and functions.

    People across industries are working together to better understand how dark patterns hurt people. Our team includes designers, academic researchers, legal experts, policy specialists, and advocacy-minded individuals.

  • We value both qualitative and quantitative data to create impact.

    The Dark Patterns Tip Line was founded to serve as a crowdsourcing platform where people submit dark patterns they’ve encountered. The data collected is supplemented with qualitative analysis via one-on-one interviews to better understand the human impact of these malicious tactics.


Stephanie Nguyen

Lead and Founder, Dark Patterns Tip Line

Jasmine McNealy

Associate Professor, University of Florida

Amira Dhalla

Associate Director, Consumer Reports

Jennifer Brody

U.S. Advocacy Manager, Access Now

Sage Cheng

Design and UX Lead, Access Now

Dennis Jen

Chief Technology Officer, Media Cloud

Shirin Mori

Designer, EFF

Matt Bailey

Digital Freedom Program Director, PEN America

Katie McInnis

Public Policy Lawyer, Internet Privacy Company

Arunesh Mathur

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University

Ben Moskowitz

Director of the Digital Lab, Consumer Reports

Harry Brignull

Founder, DarkPatterns.org


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