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How we’ll use your submission

Your tips will help us understand people’s experiences

Sharing a dark pattern you have spotted helps us learn more about interfaces and designs that people consider to be manipulative or unfair. We may use your submission to the Dark Patterns Tip Line platform as part of our research, or to illustrate and explain dark patterns to the public, the media and policymakers.

We may publish your submission

When you submit a tip, you agree that we may use, share and make public your screenshot and other information you share (except for your email address). We publish tips anonymously and will make efforts to remove any personal information, but please don’t submit screenshots that contain information you wouldn’t want to be made public. If you decide to share your email address with us, we may contact you to ask for more information. We review all submissions for publication. Please note that we may elect not to publish your submission if it is unclear, or if it duplicates a dark pattern we’ve already published.

We will share tips with partners

We may disclose your screenshot and other information you share to research or teaching partners, media, government agencies and regulatory authorities, and other parties. We may reuse your submission for research and teaching purposes. These third parties may use, share and make public your screenshot and other information you share. We won’t share your email or personal information.

Other important information

This site is governed by Stanford’s Digital Civil Society Lab. This site doesn’t use cookies or web tracking. By sharing your submission, you agree to The Digital Civil Society Lab’s Data Use Policy.