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Confusing subscription terms




Jan 19, 2023




In its cart/website, Kaspersky claims that their subscription can be cancelled at anytime.
If you add anything to their cart, it will say: “You can cancel anytime”.
Of course, one might think “great, I can cancel the subscription”. But actually, what you cancel is the autorenewing of the subscription. You are not guaranteed a refund. You can only be assured of that if you click on the “Read More” tool tip

“How to cancel
You can cancel the auto-renewal of your SUBSCRIPTION at any time.
If you cancel, you will have full protection until the end of the already paid term. After this date, your subscription will end, and you will not be charged for any subsequent periods.”

A little confusing and deceptive, huh? Later on, scrolling down, then we find out that they have a 30-day money back guarantee for refunds. So let’s say you pay for a 1-year membership on a meal prep service. You can cancel the membership at anytime but you’ve already paid for a whole year. Is it really an advantage to cancel? Of course you can cancel anytime, you just won’t get your money back.

I just found it all really strange, especially b/c it says, for example, that the renewal price will be $144.99 per year (Kaspersky Premium, 20 devices), but then, on fine print: ” you will be charged at the undiscounted price (which is subject to change) before the next subscription term begins”.
So what will I actually be paying for, then?

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