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Difficult to cancel or change subscription




Apr 13, 2023




To sign up for their services or to upgrade, one follows the prompts they provide. When we sign on or upgrade, we get right through, easy peasy, no wait times. Nice reps, etc. We’ve also needed to cancel before and downgrade our plans again following the prompts to get the correct rep/dept. The difference is night and day! We’ve waiting at least an hour on hold twice and an hour and a half once and that time finally hung up because we ran out of patience. They make it extremely difficult to get through to cancel or downgrade AND their refund method is borderline thievery. Instead of a prorated refund if terminating or downgrading anytime during a month, no prorated refund is given. If you cancel mid month, one loses all monies. In our case one time we finally grew so fed up with their tactics that we decided to cancel. Unaware that we were ONE day into our plan month they refused to refund us for the month that we were canceling/losing! They argued that we were one day into the month so we owed the full $175.00! We called back and spoke with supervisors and didn’t get anywhere.

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