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Difficult to unsubscribe from emails




Oct 13, 2023


Social Media


I got a NextDoor account to find events in my area. I started getting spammed with emails, so I clicked “Unsubscribe”. However, I noticed that the URL it took me to said “You will no longer get notifications about Event reminders” which was very specific. So, I went to my account and clicked on my notifications settings.

The way they have the notifications settings designed is tedious. I couldn’t simply uncheck one button to stop getting emails, instead I had to uncheck every category (there were fourteen of them) and then within each category, there were further subcategories within those. I included a picture (image #2) of the first category. But on the list on the left, each item (Post, Comments and Replies, Mentions) has subcategories with in it that you have to click through.

Then there was a category called “Public Agencies” that included 14 Agencies. If they posted I would automatically get emailed/push notifications unless I specifically went through and unchecked each of them. So I had to do that as well. Thing is, I never even subscribed to them, or did anything to suggest I wanted to hear from them. I was just automatically subscribed because of where I live. Note that NextDoor is one of the agencies.

All in all, I had to click over 20 buttons in order to stop getting emails from NextDoor.

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