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Difficulties in unsubscribing




Oct 18, 2022




Making it difficult to unsubscribe. Once logged in to my account online, there is an option to unsubscribe. However, when you click on it, you’re given 3 options: one to look at other price plans, one to transfer a subscription, and one to cancel by calling their toll-free number. When you call the number, you’re routed through a sequence that wants to update the antenna in your car, regardless of requesting to cancel the subscription by choosing the appropriate option on the menu. When finally given the choice to speak with a customer service representative, the automated system says they’re having too many calls, and would you rather text with a representative? When opting for that choice, you again begin with a bot, before being transferred to a human (maybe?) who then tries to sell you another plan. When I was given the option of a cheaper plan, I was told it was the same promotional plan I used to be on when I first subscribed. So, when that promotion ended, the cost went from about $5 a month to over $20. I had called to cancel and was given a $10 option, and told it was the least expensive option. Now I’m being offered a $5 option again, and wouldn’t I like to remain a loyal and valued customer? When I asked what the difference was, I had it returned to me that I CHOSE the $10 plan, but that was because no other cheaper plan had been offered at the time. The rationale: this $5 plan is a promotion available as of June 15th.

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