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Difficulty in cancellation




Oct 31, 2022


Smart Devices


To reproduce this you will have to have a premium subscription.

* Scroll to the bottom to “Manage” premium service.
* That takes you to a pricing page and in a small text link “Cancel Premium Service”
* Clicking on that will take you to your first confirmation page detailing the feature you are going to lose. Click remove this feature.
* Takes you to another page that asks why you’re canceling. Click on the reason such as “Premium is too expensive”
* Takes you to yet another page that says “Maybe we can help” with a link to their help center and another plain text link “Continue to cancel”
* The final page tells you to call a telephone number to cancel premium service.

You have to navigate through 5 pages before you can even get a link to cancel. What’s very strange is you used to be able to cancel through the website. I’ve done it before. Now it’s not possible you must call their telephone number.

Where can you find this?

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