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Difficulty in cancellation and refund process




Nov 11, 2023


Financial & Insurance


I ordered a subscription to Quicken Classic Deluxe. Their website claims a 30 day Risk Free policy where you can get your money back. I decided that the product wasn’t for me and went to cancel the subscription. They make this EXTREMELY hard and confusing:
1. There is no obvious way to cancel the subscription in the account. There is a button to cancel the AutoRenewal, which weirdly then appears to cancel the Subscription, but maybe not? I have no idea what state my account is in after pressing that button.
2. Cancelling the subscription does not automatically trigger a refund. Customers are not told this. I had to do a search and finally stumbled upon the instructions on this page
2a. The link under their “Subscription Cancellation” header goes to a web page that asks customers to call customer service to “get help deciding whether Quicken is right for you”.
3. To get the refund, customers have to fill out a form. The form asks for a lot of information. Among that inforrmation is a copy of the invoice and an order number. Quicken doesn’t send out traditional invoices with the purchase price and an order number. They only send a purchase confirmation. If you don’t have the order number you can’t submit the form.
4. I asked their help chatbot where to find my order number. It claimed that it is in the invoice they sent (it is not). It said if the number isn’t in the invoice I would have to call their customer support.
It is night here and their customer support is closed. I fully expect that when I call them tomorrow they will attempt to pressure me into keeping the subscription.
Harm: Potentially I am out 60 dollars in subscription fees; also two hours of my time wasted chasing down how to cancel the subscription and get my money back. Potentially more hours wasted tomorrow trying to deal with customer support.

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