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Difficulty in cancelling subscription


The Baltimore Sun


Oct 13, 2023




I subscribed once, a few years ago, to The Baltimore Sun. When I went to cancel I realized I couldn’t so it online and had to call. It was almost impossible to get them to agree to cancel my subscription. I vowed never again. However, I saw an ad for 1 year recently for $4. The fine print specifically stated I could cancel online OR by calling and I thought they finally got their act together. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The URL they cite to cancel just redirects you to having to call. This is deceptive and needs to stop. Now I have to call and go through it all again. Very disappointed. I’ve clicked through every page and you must call. The website says two things that conflict and mislead: “You can cancel your subscription anytime online at or by calling 443-692-9011.”, then turns around and says you have to call later in the paragraph. They know exactly what they are doing.

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