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Difficulty in cookies opt-out




Oct 31, 2022




The Hays recruitment “TrustArc” cookies dialogue has these bizarre features:

1. The first page has 2 blue buttons on hard left: “Agree and Proceed”, “Required Only” with “View cookie settings” on hard right in plain text.
2. View cookie settings has a vertical slider which makes each category available to click. You need to slide it down vertically to display what’s enabled or disabled.
3. To actually make changes to the categories, you then need to click “Advanced settings”
4. The advanced settings allow you to switch cookies off for Functional and Advertising cookies, BUT to view what’s actually listed in each category you have to click “View Cookies>” on each category.
5. There’s a pseudo-toggle to switch off Functional and Advertising cookies. The toggle values are “out” and “in”, with the selection highlighted in blue text on a grey background.
6.Once that’s done, you then click Submit preferences and allegedly the choices are recorded.

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