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Instructions to cancel are not reflective of in-app experience




Oct 19, 2023




I found Uber One no longer useful to me so I decided I wanted to cancel the subscription. Reading their help topic on cancelling, I was bemused by the line: “You can cancel your membership upto 48 hours before your next scheduled payment”. I was expecting I could simply cancel and then use up the remaining period of time, similar to any other cancellation experience. I followed the directions to hopefully find the “End membership” button anyway. It wasn’t there.

I am essentially forced to set a schedule a date in my diary 48 hours before the next payment is taken from me. But I need to know when this occurs, so I used my bank statements to find out, it’s a month from now.

I can only presume in a month from now that the “End membership” button will be only be visible and active for just two days in the app.

My only take out from this complicated workaround for users, as well as the technical implementation, that this is a deliberate attempt to confuse, mislead, and make cancelling purposefully difficult.

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