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Misleading opt-out preferences




Jan 19, 2023




This pattern can be found on the website (as of January 10th, 2023)

When you visit the site for the first time – there is a Privacy Banner on top stating that the company “values your privacy” and has two buttons “Opt-out preferences” and “Proceed”.

When you click the “Opt-out Preferences” button, a modal dialog with the “Opt-out Preferences information and a Call to Action toggle button titled “Targeted Advertising” appears.

There is a line statement below the toggle button that says “Do Not Show Me Targeted Advertising on Twitch.”

When you click the toggle button, a purple check mark appears beside the toggle button.

The information is very confusing because I am not explicitly informed as a user whether I have enabled or disabled Targeted Advertising. The pattern reads like I have actually enabled Targeted Advertising, instead of disabling it – which is equally frustrating, confusing and very descriptive

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