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Multiple difficult steps to cancellation




Oct 13, 2023


Retail & Shopping


After you press “cancel subscription,” you are first taken to a page saying how many days you now have left on your subscription. This made me think I successfully canceled my subscription, but eventually found out that there is a button on the bottom of the screen requiring you to go through a series of additional feedback and sales pages, including offering “lighter” subscription options before you can actually cancel. Also, on each of these additional pages, the “continue cancellation” button is all the way on the bottom of the page, effectively hidden (especially if you are on a phone – see screenshots). I ended up paying for my subscription a few months longer than I wanted to because I kept thinking I cancelled when in fact I didn’t complete the entire process Scribd requires. They also do not let you cancel through the app, again adding additional unnecessary and confusing steps to the cancellation process.

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