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Misleading option leads to subscription


Transunion Canada


Nov 11, 2023


Financial & Insurance


I chose the “Credit Report” option to get my credit report, and was forced to pay for a credit monitoring service I did not ask for.
It is not clear at all that in order to get free access to my credit record, I had to click on “Consumer Disclosure” rather than “Credit Report”.
The Consumer Disclosure option also makes it sound as though the report would be less complete, as it is not even referred to as a “credit report”, but rather “consumer disclosure”.
The Credit Report option is automatically bundled with a $24.95/month credit monitoring service.
There is small text on the main page indicating that the service would be bundled, but nothing in the description page of the “Credit Report” option says such.
When making the account, it does say that I “have chosen” the service in the sidebar, but there really was no choice to begin with, and it looks like an offer, more than anything.
It does asks for a credit card number, but it appears as though it is part of the identity verification process.

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