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Sneaky design choice



Jan 29, 2023


Retail & Shopping


HumbleBundle allows you some control in how your purchase price gets divided amongst the content creators, HumbleBundle themselves, and a charity.

In the example screenshot, my purchase price is $10. (Note moving any one of the three sliders moves the other two, so it’s hard to set an even split or even value)

If I choose to make this as close to an even split of $3.33 each for the content creators, HumbleBundle, and the charity, it becomes apparent that the scale of the slider for HumbleBundle’s share is different than the scale of the other two sliders. $3.34 for HumbleBundle is much further to the left, making it look like I’m assigning them less money, when it should be basically even with the other two sliders. Due to the nature of the scaling, this offset is even more problematic with larger dollar values. Clearly an attempt to make HumbleBundle more money by tricking the consumer.

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