Presented choices to select flights that are misleading


Delta Airlines


June 02, 2021




When selecting a Basic Economy flight, Delta (unnecessarily) asks you to “Review Your Choice.” However, the confirmation of the choice is very misleading. The upgrade option, “Main Cabin,” does not have an upgrade-sounding name. Furthermore, it is presented as the default option alongside a big red button. Conversely, the option to maintain Basic Economy is confusingly presented as “Accept Restrictions,” and appears underneath in much smaller letters next to a checkbox. The words “Continue with Basic Economy,” which is ostensibly intended to clarify what “Accept Restrictions” means, appear next to “Accept Restrictions” in a light-gray text (lighter than “Accept Restrictions”) that is difficult to notice. In the past, because of the presentation, I have accidentally upgraded to Main Cabin when I intended to remain in Basic Economy.

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  • Felt Tricked
  • Lost Money
Presented choices to select flights that are misleading

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